Short stories

A cold, rainy night…

night-715911_1280As we got out from the Harrison’s house I didn’t know if the pressure on my chest and head were due to my feelings or to the oppressing cloudy sky that hovered our heads like a black blanket. We walked to the car in silence. It could have been a wonderful night, if my dear husband hadn’t decided to drink more than he should. It was always the same, he would start with a single social drink and then couldn’t stop himself until the bottle was dry. He even decided to give a slap in Mrs. Harrison’s butt when she leaned over to take his dish. What an embarrassment.
“I’m sorry. But you’re not driving. Give me the keys,” I said starting to feel completely out of my mind.
“No woman drives my car, you know that,” he screamed making me smell his alcohol breath. He was still completely out of his mind with the booze. “And if you don’t want to come, you can just walk home.”
“Are you crazy? Do you want to kill us both?” my despair was starting to drum on my ears, “At least let’s call a cab.”
“No cab. Just get into the car and go home,” he said getting into the driver’s seat and stretching to open my door summoning me to enter.
And I did. I just sat there looking through the window, thinking if we were going to arrive home safe. We stood silent for a while. My senses focused on his driving, on the cars behind, in front and by our side. Jittery I couldn’t stop pressing my hands against each other, although they remained on my lap over my purse.
Suddenly he started asking me questions, “Where I had been all morning”,”who was that friend I was always talking on the phone”. I felt like I was being questioned by some crime I hadn’t commit.
“Well, I could make you the same questions. Where were you yesterday?” my tone was calm but I was boiling inside and not even the cold of the night could tame the fire growing, “I called your office and you weren’t there.”
“I was in a meeting. You have to stop calling to my office all the time,” he said without taking his eyes from the road,” it gets annoying and people are going to think you’re spying on me.”
“Well, as a matter of fact,” I said, “they would not be wrong.”
“What do you mean?” he asked looking at me with his eyes almost popping from his face.
“Watch out,” I screamed,”You’re going to kill us.”
A car was coming straight at us but he managed to put himself in the right lane at the last minute.
I saw the lights of the convenience store from afar, it had started to pour and fat droplets crashed against the car making a terrible noise.
“I think we should stop,” I said pointing at the convenience store that was now near sight,” we can’t see the road ahead with this water curtain.”
He didn’t say a word, just went straight to the parking lot, choosing a place away from the customers view.
“Now, what were you saying about spying on me?” he asked while he switched off the car.
“I have been spying on you. I know the truth.” My voice was serene and clear but my hands were shaking on my lap, “I know you have been cheating on me.”
I was not expecting the laughter, he just exploded in a mocking, humiliating laughter as if I had said the funniest of all jokes.
“Of course I have, you pitiful woman. Do you think I would be satisfied only with the rag of my wife?”
The fire inside me just kept burning and I couldn’t breath, so I stepped out of the car. The rain started flatting my hair against my face, soaking my clothes, I was dripping from my nose, my eyelids, my chin, the tips of my fingers.
“Come inside you crazy woman,” he shouted, “you’re going to get the car all wet.”
But I stood there in the rain, feeling the water and the cold against my internal burning. My body was unable to move, but my heart raced a marathon. He got out of the car and approached me, I ignored his presence and stood mute. As he came closer and grabbed my arms with violence, hurting me with his fingers craved in my flesh, I just spit it all to him.
“I know you have been cheating on me repeatedly. I know you like them tender, blond and boyish. I guess some must be even minors.”
His hands moved from my arms to my neck, tightening more and more. His eyes were locked in mine and had a devilish glow on them. He was going to kill me there.
I saw the sparkling lights of the convenience store, the people inside, but I couldn’t scream. I was going to faint any moment soon, I could feel it. The horn of a truck sounded right behind us and he lessened the grip to look behind. I had to do something. So I managed to crouch and try to get to the glove compartment while he pushed my shoulders back.
It was a split of a second, but it felt like we were in slow motion. I grabbed his gun in my wet hands and when he pulled me back I turned, shut my eyes and pulled the trigger.

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