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Scrivener Superpowers, by M. G. Herron

typewriter-79025_1920Hello everyone! I received an email with something that made me super excited and so I had to share with you. M. G. Herron just launched Scrivener Superpowers. And now you think… Why the hell is she so excited about it? Well, because I think Scrivener is the best tool in the world for writers, but I don’t have the knowledge to use it to its full potential, so this book came at the best time possible.

I started using Scrivener for my Camp Nanowrimo last year. At first I tried the free trial version, but soon found out I had to have it for myself and so used the Nanowrimo discount to purchase it. I know what you’re thinking… Why am I going to spend my hard earned bucks when I have Word, my notepad or other free tools? Because it’s better and a work of genius! It’s great for brainstorming, for keeping your notes, images… It’s amazing for plotting and I love the cork board. More… If you are thinking of publishing your book in a digital format you just save it in the right format, cover and everything.

So, go to Scrivener and try it for free. Use M. G. Herron’s book Scrivener Superpowers to help you and then come here and tell me if you agree with me… Scrivener rocks!

Note: I don’t do affiliate links. All my links go to pages and products I love, with content that I think valuable and useful.

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