Writing Exercises

A new adventure?

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7.jpgYou know when you’re just living your life and an idea comes to mind and you just have to write it? Well… I don’t know what this is, maybe the beginning of my next story… Maybe just a scribble… Who knows?

I just opened the door to find an amazing, curly brown haired guy standing in front of me.

“Hi! I’m Santiago. You’re Beatriz right?”

My heart stopped, my tongue couldn’t move and my hand was holding the door so tight that the blood stopped running to my fingers.

“God you’re so cute!”

Yes, that’s me. I have this tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. A simple “Yes. How are you? I received your presents, thank you so much. Please come in…” was definitely too normal for me. So there he was, my Guide on this new journey, and I just blurted out how cute he was. Well, now I just have to live the next three years in shame…

What do you think? Would you be caught by this beginning?

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