My plans for today…


So, today I want to finish the first volume of Poe’s short stories and also M. G. Herron’s book Scrivener Superpowers.
With luck I can also edit two more scenes of my story. Am I the only one with problems going through the first draft?

As I think of releasing my story in the wind, which basically means putting it in a digital format and making it available for public eyes, I feel a mix of excitement and fear. What if everybody hates it? But then a wise voice in my head answers… “Well, you just write another story and try to make it better next time.” I don’t know from where this wise voice comes, but I hope she can deal with bad reviews… Until then I’m doing the Law of Attraction thing and trying to visualize the story finished and the launch post I’m going to write in here…

Have a nice day 🙂

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