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3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day 2

No one can deny that the use of sensory description in writing is of utter importance. The phrase “show, don’t tell” is repeated almost until exhaustion in every post, book or pin, that you can find about the hard and difficult, but exhilarating, art of writing.

I decided to make a compilation of quotes about the use of the senses in writing. I hope it can help you when struggling with that description or when you reread what you just wrote and find out that you only used the visual and forgot all about the smell, the hearing and… why not… the sweet taste of honey in his sweet lips…

In my own recent experience there occurred a very clear and wholly unexpected subjective sense of smell when reading of an experiment with frogs which recalled the distinctive odor of slimy water.


A visualization should be so managed as to bring the whole picture, or nearly all of it, into the mind at once.


A string of incomplete images passing through the mind, each one taking the place of the preceding and effacing it, is not artistically satisfying.


Of the memories that have come to us through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, those taht are visual are probably the most clearly defined and persistent for most people. The sensation of hearing doubtless comes next, and then those of touch, smell and taste.

All quotes are from:

The Writing of the Short Story, Lewis Worthington Smith


Today I nominate these bloggers for the 3 Day Quote challenge:

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