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Writer’s doubt

DeathtoStock_Creative Community83 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day 3

If you’re a writer then you most definitely have writer’s doubt. And it’s always with you, always part of the process. A necessary parasite.

Fadila Henry

I’ve been working on my first revision of my rough draft and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I love the story, I really do. But on Sunday night I just wanted to give up. Questions like “Why are you wasting your time?”, “What if people hate it?” came to my mind all the time. I just wanted to give up. Then my Frog angel, frogs also have angels in case you don’t know, gave me a piece of advice… ask!

So I went to facebook and sent a message to a friend “Can you please read my first pages and give an honest opinion?” And the next day I had a message that kept me going. She loved the story, gave me some tips on things that were lacking and threatened me if I gave up.

So, I’m feeling my brain melt but I’m proud to announce that I only have 9 more scenes to revise. Then, I’m going to print it and revise it again and again and again. So, I’m thinking 2020 is a good year for a book launch.

The quote of today is from a blog post from fadila henry 5 Ways to Getting Over Having Writer’s Doubt. A blog worthy of your time.

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