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Writing exercise on poem Mist by Arjun

forest-1014619_1920Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a writing exercise and also challenge you for a little fun game.

So, here’s the deal, you choose a poem to inspire you and then write something of your own based on that poem. I would love to read your challenge so leave your blog link in the comments or email it to me.

I used Arjun’s poem Mist, (go read it, I wait…) and wrote some lines. Could you please leave your opinion in the comments? Thank you so much.

Her feet slipped on the thin path lighted by the stars and the lamps of distant streets. The sound of an owl now and then and the creak of the branches under her steps, were the only sounds. Adeline’s tears blended with the soft drops of rain. The wind didn’t blow, standing still, as if refraining its own feelings, like she tried to refrain hers. She muttered incomprehensible words under her breath, her thoughts too wild to stay sealed in her head. Between the tall pines she could see an enchanted wall of mist. Her destination. She left the path and started walking through the grove. The bushes brushed her legs and prickled her hands as she tried to make way between them.  She made it, the curtain of mist was in front of her and she let out a sigh. It had to be made. As she touched that curtain of mistiness she felt bliss, the horrors of the past disappearing from her mind and a cleansing feeling covered her body. She let herself be drowned by that magical fog into another place, another time.

Now it’s your turn. Go choose a poem and start writing! Don’t think too much, just write!

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