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Writing Prompt number 1

I decided to challenge myself…  to write some pages on a different writing prompt every day. This is going to keep my juices flowing and make me ready to Camp NanoWrimo.

So the first writing prompt is:


Took it from Pinterest, to go to the source just click on the picture.

Here goes my text on this prompt, please feel free to leave any comment on the text. It’s important to have your feedback so I can improve my writing. Thank you so much and you know… just spread the love.

The morning was chilly, I sat at my favorite bench at the park. The colorful leaves falling everywhere, making cracking noises under the feet of the morning joggers.

I snuggled inside my warm jacket, preparing myself for the liturgy, my religious ritual of reading the newspaper from beginning to end. I missed no column, not even the sales or the obituary. The priest could talk about the horrible sins in the world, but the newspaper had the added bonus of coming with images. There was no God’s forgiveness on those pages, the law usually only forgave those that were guilty or too rich to stay behind bars.

But this time it was not the usual petty sins and small sinners that were shaking the city, a recent string of crimes was making cover and scandal. The journalists smelled the blood like bloodsucking vampires and were all over the case. They tried to show they knew more than they really did. Grabbing some info here, other piece of data there and then gluing it all together to make it appear they were almost solving the case on their own.

I smiled. Those fools were not really seeing the picture.

The crimes had all been committed against figures of the law, judges and attorneys. Five big hotshots for now. The headlines talked about a serial killer or the mob, but I knew better. Jobs like those… it had to be a hit man, in this case an experienced assassin and a woman.

After reading the whole newspaper, my hands were getting numb with the cold. Who would say summer had been three weeks away.

So she was in town, it had been years since the last time I saw her. Was she still as pretty as she used to be? Probably. That’s why it was so damn easy to kill all those tailored suits bastards. A woman like her would easily make them vulnerable. Who would think she could pose any harm with that sweet, delicate, angel face?

She could at least pay me a visit now that she was in town, after all we spent some good times together. Maybe only someone with a boring life like me to still dwell on the past.
I was so ingrained in these thoughts that only noticed I had passed the coffee shop when I was almost at the end of the street. Well, turn around and make sure to stop at the right place. Michelle must be waiting for me in there. I hope she didn’t see me walk through the entrance; that would be strange. I could always come up with an excuse.

With the newspaper rolled in my hand I walked in. Michelle was still not there. Good, at least she didn’t notice my absentminded stroll.

I sat at one of the tables by the window and asked for coffee, strong, something to wake me up from the memories of the past. Most clients were grab and go, paper cups and paper bags left the line in a hurry going somewhere. I sat there patiently, happy to not be part of that stressed out crowd. Life was so much better when we had time to taste it.

My coffee arrived at the same time Michelle walked through the door. Long, dark, messy hair and a face that could use a little more of sleeping time. She smiled as soon as she saw me and her smile didn’t leave her lips while she walked through the stressed crowd, the other tables and finally has she was right there in front of me.


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