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My new Scrivener


Sometimes we tend to complicate things. We make a mess out of our life because everything has to be complex, we have complicated relationships and we have strange complex thoughts inside our heads that are hard to organize and make sense of it.
I was making my writing life hard. I just thought if I could read all the books and all the articles and do all the exercises… I would be a better writer. The result was I stopped writing, I became overwhelmed about it and instead of making me happy, it made me anxious, nervous and I just wanted to give up.
So, after some struggling months (a lot of struggle and not only with writing) I decided to simplify. I opened up a blank scrivener project and decided to make it as simple as possible.
So as you can see in the image, I divided things into Fiction/ Non Fiction and Published/ Unpublished. This is my work place now.
In order to go simple I decided to leave novels aside and focus on flash fiction and short stories, both to be published here on this blog. With this I train my writing in small chunks, I create the habit of writing consistently and I don’t obsess with a lot of versions and editing.
But for this to work I wanted to ask you to leave some critique on my writing exercises so I can see where I need to get better and what I did well. Can you do it for me?
So, if you are getting overwhelmed just go simple in your own way. No one is running after us. We just want to write, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 500 words or 10000. Just write and keep it simple.

And you know… Just spread the love 🙂

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