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As an aspiring writer, you may feel you need to read everything writing related. I sure felt that way. We have paid books, free e-books, posts, pins, everything telling you how to structure your story; how to characterize your villains and your main characters; how to outline… The list is big and never ending, it increases everyday with another post and another blog about writing. And we go after them, as if they could give us the last piece of advice to make us write that incredible novel.
Reading about the craft is good, but not if it starts to overwhelm you. I wanted to read all, until I found out I was reading more than writing. It was freezing my writing juices, because suddenly I had a bunch of rules to follow, sheets of characters to do, settings to flesh until it was no fun anymore, just a bunch of tedious work. So, okay all these things need to be done. But first write your story the way you want to write it, without thinking about the rules. Don’t pick one single article or book, just write. After you have written everything you had inside of you and done the detox of so much information, then you can start reading little by little. Improving your story with the advices given, adding or changing as suitable.
I am now in Detox mode, I just write. When I feel I can go back to read I would do it, but slowly, bit by bit. Sometimes too much is just that… too much.


One thought on “Detox

  1. You nailed it. I stopped reading Writers Digest because their sublime message of “if you dont buy our products and do it our way you cant sucessfully write”. It took months before I got over it. Good for you nipping it in the bud before you lost your voice.


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