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Vampire Desire

I felt your fangs in my neck, penetrating my white skin. Your body anxious and hungry for my blood to flow. You sucked and my red liquid filled your mouth. My sweet taste and your intoxicant perfume, the scent of graveyard flowers, of earth wet by the pouring rain. How could you be dead if… Continue reading Vampire Desire

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Writing Retreat

I have done a writing retreat last week, well it was basically me at home with my computer, my notebook full of notes and my cat. No one to ask for the cookies, for dinner, for whatever. I decided to share my thoughts about writing retreats just in case you decide to do one: Go… Continue reading Writing Retreat

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My new Scrivener

Sometimes we tend to complicate things. We make a mess out of our life because everything has to be complex, we have complicated relationships and we have strange complex thoughts inside our heads that are hard to organize and make sense of it. I was making my writing life hard. I just thought if I… Continue reading My new Scrivener

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Let’s Play! In Between… a Camp NanoWrimo story

I agree with amitrajyoti … Let’s start a new story for Camp NanoWrimo! Putting my manuscript aside for a while and do it for the fun of it. But I needed an idea. What am I going to write about through a whole month in 50.000 words? That’s when In Between came to my mind…… Continue reading Let’s Play! In Between… a Camp NanoWrimo story


Why I want to write a book?

I’ve been asking myself this over and over for the last two weeks. I keep working on my draft, writing new scenes, improving others… and the question “Why am I doing this?” is always coming back to my mind. Do I want to be recognized? Do I want people to tell me I’m a brilliant… Continue reading Why I want to write a book?