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Writing Retreat

I have done a writing retreat last week, well it was basically me at home with my computer, my notebook full of notes and my cat. No one to ask for the cookies, for dinner, for whatever. I decided to share my thoughts about writing retreats just in case you decide to do one: Go… Continue reading Writing Retreat

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Need help with voice description

Hi! I need the help of my fellow writers and my wonderful readers. I’ve been searching for a place where I could have written voice description, but also the corresponding audio, so I could hear the actual voice that is being described. If you know of something like that please leave the link in the… Continue reading Need help with voice description

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My new Scrivener

Sometimes we tend to complicate things. We make a mess out of our life because everything has to be complex, we have complicated relationships and we have strange complex thoughts inside our heads that are hard to organize and make sense of it. I was making my writing life hard. I just thought if I… Continue reading My new Scrivener

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Rivet your readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Ellizabeth Nelson

I managed to do a lot this weekend. Inserted new notes to my Scrivener project, mostly notes taken from other books that can help me when I block. I rewrote my first scene and I started the book Rivet your readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Ellizabeth Nelson. It’s a small book but… Continue reading Rivet your readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Ellizabeth Nelson

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Characters… When is it enough?

I’ve been studying how to deal with those amazing people we have stuck in our minds. You know… that evil character, that amazing sex bomb, that cute old lady… They don’t exist, but they are real to us. There’s so much madness in the mind of a writer. We are like small children talking to… Continue reading Characters… When is it enough?