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Vampire Desire

I felt your fangs in my neck, penetrating my white skin. Your body anxious and hungry for my blood to flow. You sucked and my red liquid filled your mouth. My sweet taste and your intoxicant perfume, the scent of graveyard flowers, of earth wet by the pouring rain. How could you be dead if… Continue reading Vampire Desire

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Writing Retreat

I have done a writing retreat last week, well it was basically me at home with my computer, my notebook full of notes and my cat. No one to ask for the cookies, for dinner, for whatever. I decided to share my thoughts about writing retreats just in case you decide to do one: Go… Continue reading Writing Retreat

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Endless Field of Flowers

What time is it? I must overslept. Didn’t I leave the blinds closed? I slowly opened my eyes and saw the blue sky. Gentle white clouds flying slowly in a background of pure, light blue. Where was the ceiling? Where was my bed? Why was I laying down in a field of wildflowers? I must… Continue reading Endless Field of Flowers

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Writing Prompt number 1

I decided to challenge myself…  to write some pages on a different writing prompt every day. This is going to keep my juices flowing and make me ready to Camp NanoWrimo. So the first writing prompt is:   Here goes my text on this prompt, please feel free to leave any comment on the text. It’s… Continue reading Writing Prompt number 1