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Characters… When is it enough?

I’ve been studying how to deal with those amazing people we have stuck in our minds. You know… that evil character, that amazing sex bomb, that cute old lady… They don’t exist, but they are real to us. There’s so much madness in the mind of a writer. We are like small children talking to… Continue reading Characters… When is it enough?

Writing Exercises

Writing exercise on poem Mist by Arjun

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a writing exercise and also challenge you for a little fun game. So, here’s the deal, you choose a poem to inspire you and then write something of your own based on that poem. I would love to read your challenge so leave your blog link in the comments… Continue reading Writing exercise on poem Mist by Arjun


See it… Feel it…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but since I started writing more seriously, I developed a new way of looking at things. Now I can stand looking at the rain thinking what’s the best way to describe the raindrops, how do they feel in words and not only in my fingertips. Does this cold… Continue reading See it… Feel it…

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Show & Tell in a Nutshell, by Jessica Bell

As you already know I’ve been working on my first thing with pages, I still have problems in calling it a book… It’s as if I was not worthy enough of that space in Olympus where books are made. I don’t know if you ever felt the same way… In this epic journey I’ve been reading… Continue reading Show & Tell in a Nutshell, by Jessica Bell